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Role of Government-funded and Community-based Health Insurance Schemes in Moving toward Universal Health Coverage in India

Resource Type: Report Authors: Nishant Jain Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This report is to analyze the evolving scenario of government-financed health insurance schemes (GFHIS) and community-based health insurance (CBHI) schemes in India. The paper assesses the evolution of GFHIS and their impact on CBHI schemes with respect to innovation and implementation experience. The aim is to […]

Production and Use of Health Accounts in India: What Can We Learn from the Experience so Far?

Health systems worldwide are expanding their capacity to improve people’s welfare. Governments and their development partners in low- and middle-income countries are depending on data to inform health financing decisions, monitor health sector performance, and exercise stewardship. Recognition of the value of health resource data has built momentum for health resource tracking – measuring health […]

Summary RHIS Evaluation Report for the Punjab National Health Mission Using the PRISM Framework

Resource Type: Evaluation/Report Authors: Nehal Jain, Vunnava Janardhan Rao and Michael P. Rodriguez Published: 05/31/2014 Resource Description: The Health Finance and Governance project has worked with the National Health Mission in Punjab to conduct an assessment of the routine health information systems across three districts in the state. The assessment team utilized the Performance of Routine Information […]

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