Capital Investment in Health Systems: What is the latest thinking?

Capital investment in health typically refers to large expenditures in construction of hospitals and other facilities, investment in diagnostic and treatment technologies, and information technology platforms. These investments are characterized by their longevity and they are critical to efforts to improve healthcare quality and efficiency. Contrary to developed countries where there is well documented experience on capital investment in the health sector, including use of public private partnerships for the investment; there is little evidence on capital investment in health from low and middle income countries.

This work was undertaken to add to the HFG’s knowledge and learning strategy by clarifying what good practice guidance exists in capital benchmark in LMICs health sectors, as well as the HFG project’s experience in the area. This brief will be of value to all those interested in the planning and financing the capital investment in the health sector. This includes politicians, planners, managers, health professionals, architects, designers, and researchers in both the public and private sectors.





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