Haryana 2014/15 State Health Accounts: Methodological Report

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Haryana State Health Resource Center (HSHRC) and the HFG Project
Published: October 2016

Resource Description:

This Methodological Report provides an overview of the System of Health Accounts (SHA) 2011 framework as used for Haryana State’s 2014/15 Health Accounts (HA) estimation. It documents the data collection approaches and results, analytical steps taken, and assumptions made. It is intended for HA practitioners and researchers who wish to understand how the estimations were generated in Haryana and who need the detailed expenditure flow information for other operational and scientific research.

The purpose of an HA exercise is to estimate the amount and flow of health spending through a health system – in this instance, the Haryana health system, for fiscal 2014/15, April 1. 2014 to March 31, 2015. In addition to estimating general health expenditures, this analysis examined spending on priority diseases, levels of risk pooling (e.g., via government-sponsored insurance schemes), and contributions by the private sector. The HA team worked with the Haryana State Health Resource Centre (HSHRC) to determine the health policy questions of most relevance to Haryana, answers to which HA findings will inform. For more information on the HA findings and their policy implications, please see the main HA report, which complements this Methodological Report.



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