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Can community action improve equity for maternal health and how does it do so? Research findings from Gujarat, India

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors: Asha S. George, Diwakar Mohan, Jaya Gupta, Amnesty E. LeFevre, Subhasri Balakrishnan, Rajani Ved and Renu Khanna Published: August 20, 2017 Resource Description: Efforts to work with civil society to strengthen community participation and action for health are particularly important in Gujarat, India, given that the state has resources and capacity, […]

HFG India End of Project: Celebrating the Project’s Legacy, Looking to the Future

HFG India held its end-of-project meeting on July 25, 2018, at New Delhi. The meeting was attended by senior representatives from USAID, implementation agencies that will take forward key HFG project activities, project partner Avenir Health, and HFG/Abt Associates global and India leadership. These different stakeholders discussed the progress that HFG made and opportunities to […]

Care Seeking Behavior Related to Contraceptive Use among Unmarried and Married Adolescents

Resource Type: Research Summary Authors: Health Finance and Governance Project Resource Description: To strengthen the findings of the quantitative survey described in the main report, a separate team consisting of Moderator and notes taker held focus group discussions (FGDs) to get more in-depth, qualitative information. FGDs were conducted with married adolescent girls, their husbands, unmarried […]

Adolescent Care Seeking for Family Planning in Madhya Pradesh and Odisha, India: A Low Equilibrium Trap?

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Gupta, Y.P., Naveen Roy, and Priya Emmart Published: September 2017 Resource Description: This report presents the findings of the investigation from both the adolescent and provider perspectives on the use of family planning services in the context of health systems and service delivery. Findings are grouped by the extent to which they […]

Reaching the Missing Middle: Ensuring Health Coverage for India’s Urban Poor

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors:  Ramesh Bhat, Jeanna Holtz & Carlos Avila Published: March 7, 2018 Resource Description: India has seen impressive investments in government-funded health insurance but still severely underfunds the health sector. The government of India has a critical role in ensuring effective health coverage to the “missing middle”: the urban poor. The urban poor […]

Understanding District-Level Variation in Fertility Rates in High-Focus Indian States

Resource Type: Publication Authors:  A.A. Jayachandran, Rahul Dutta, and Priya Emmart Published: January 2018 Resource Description: The assessment is based on secondary analysis of data from the Annual Health Survey (2012-13), which provides the most recent available survey data for the high-focus states and districts in India. High-focus districts in four states, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan, […]

Family Planning Indicators Among Young Adults and Low Parity Couple in Four High Priority States

Resource Type: Report Authors:  Health Finance and Governance Project Published: November 2015 Resource Description: The Government of India (GoI) under the Mission Parivar Vikas (MPV) programme focuses investments in 146 districts in 7 states, which have the highest levels of fertility in India. The strategy aims to accelerate the supply of high quality family planning […]

What factors explain the fertility transition in India?

Resource Type: Publication Authors:  Jayachandran, A.A., and John Stover Published: April 2018 Resource Description: The purpose of this study is to explain the main causes of fertility change and its implications in India over the time period 1998 to 2016. To accomplish this, we first test the proximate determinants model to see if it is valid […]

Opportunities and Challenges to Develop Effective Strategies for Private Sector Engagement to end Tuberculosis in India

Resource Type: Publication Authors:  Amaltas Consulting Published: August 2017 Resource Description: This study undertakes a Political Economy Analysis (PEA) of the participation of private health care providers in tuberculosis care in four states (Bihar, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and West Bengal) in India to improve understanding of how their involvement in the national program could be enhanced. In […]

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