Access to Health Care for All in Haiti: Challenges and Perspectives for Funding – Overview

Access to Health Care for All in Haiti: Challenges and Perspectives for Funding

Conference Objectives

The overall objective of this conference is to engage critical parties and build commitment and momentum to achieve a health financing strategy in Haiti that is aligned with the country’s National Health Strategy (PNS) and supports progress toward universal health coverage. The speakers have been identified as key representatives of the public and non-state sectors, in addition to external partners, all of whom would be expected to play a critical role in the development and implementation of the health financing strategy. In addition, experts from peer countries will be invited to speak about relevant aspects of the health financing strategies in their countries that might apply to or inspire Haiti.

The sessions on Day 1 will aim to (1) underline the goals Haiti has laid out in its PNS and outline where Haiti stands in the path to achieving those goals; (2) explain why health financing is essential to their achievement, focusing on the three primary health financing functions (resource mobilization, pooling, and purchasing); (3) illustrate possible approaches as experts from two countries will provide relevant information about their countries’ experiences using health financing to achieve health outcomes, including challenges and solutions  The goal of these presentations is to share lessons and possible directions for Haiti as it develops its own health financing strategy.

On Day 2, the participants will focus, through facilitated group work, on health financing theme and potential areas/strategies for the strategy. The financing themes and facilitation will be provided by the Commission Technique de Developpement de la Stratégie de Financement de la Santé  and will serve to further engage the stakeholders in the reflection and strategy development process.

The conference will conclude with a panel discussion on how to move forward in the development of a strategy: both high level suggestions and practical steps to be captured in a road map for Haiti to achieve sustainable health financing. Closing with remarks from Haiti’s Minister of Health, who will thank the presenters and participants and will describe the timeline for creation of a health financing strategy and immediate next steps necessary to accomplish the goals of the conference. The Prime Minister, Evans Paul, will close the conference.

As a key outcome of the workshop, participants will have a clear understanding of priority areas of focus and health financing steps to take to achieve Haiti’s desired health outcomes.



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