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Essential Health Services: Zambia

Zambia defined a “Basic Health Care Package,” but this package currently appears to be a list of national health priorities, not services. The Basic Health Care Package does not appear to meet our definition of Zambia’s EPHS. Additionally, according to the Sixth National Development Plan 2011–2015, the government was supposed to finalize and adopt the […]

Performance Based Incentives to Strengthen Primary Health Care in Haryana State, India: Findings from a formative investigation

The Government of Haryana is interested in adopting a performance-based incentive (PBI) scheme aimed at strengthening primary health care results. In December 2014, the HFG project conducted a qualitative investigation among 10 public health facilities in two Blocks in Haryana in order to understand the existing incentive and operating environments and to inform the design […]

The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning

A new policy brief written by HFG and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) finds that “Well-designed insurance programs offer a way to improve the quality and equitable provision of family planning services.” The Role of Health Insurance in Family Planning explores how insurance programs “can be designed to increase demand for and uptake of family […]

Performance-Based Incentives: Ensuring Voluntarism in Family Planning Initiatives

Resource Type: Report Authors: Rena Eichler, Barbara Seligman, Alix Beith, and Jenna Wright Published: 9/13/2010 Resource Description: The trend to implement Performance-based Incentives (PBI) in low- and middle-income countries to strengthen health systems, accelerate service utilization, and enhance quality of health interventions presents an opportunity as well as a challenge for voluntary family planning (FP) service delivery and […]

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