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Myanmar Strategic Purchasing 4: Introducing Performance-Based Incentives

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Alex Ergo, Daniel Crapper and Han Win Htat Published: January 2018 Resource Description: This is the fourth in a series of briefs examining practical considerations in the design and implementation of a strategic purchasing pilot project among private general practitioners (GPs) in Myanmar. This pilot aims to start developing the important functions […]

Summary Report: Performance-Based Incentives: Consultations for Haryana State Demonstration

The government of the northern Indian state of Haryana has evinced strong interest in adopting a PBI scheme to improve primary health care services in the state. To this end, in December 2014 the HFG project conducted a qualitative investigation in two blocks of Haryana (Nuh block, Mewat district, and Rai block, Sonipat district) to […]

Performance Based Incentives to Strengthen Primary Health Care in Haryana State, India: Findings from a formative investigation

The Government of Haryana is interested in adopting a performance-based incentive (PBI) scheme aimed at strengthening primary health care results. In December 2014, the HFG project conducted a qualitative investigation among 10 public health facilities in two Blocks in Haryana in order to understand the existing incentive and operating environments and to inform the design […]

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