Can community action improve equity for maternal health and how does it do so? Research findings from Gujarat, India

Resource Type: Journal Article
Authors: Asha S. George, Diwakar Mohan, Jaya Gupta, Amnesty E. LeFevre, Subhasri Balakrishnan, Rajani Ved and Renu Khanna
Published: August 20, 2017

Resource Description: Efforts to work with civil society to strengthen community participation and action for health are particularly important in Gujarat, India, given that the state has resources and capacity, but faces challenges in ensuring that services reach those most in need. To contribute to the knowledge base on accountability and maternal health, this study examines the equity effects of community action for maternal health led by Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) on facility deliveries. It then examines the underlying implementation processes with implications for strengthening accountability of maternity care across three districts of Gujarat, India. Community action for maternal health entailed NGOs a) working with community collectives to raise awareness about maternal health entitlements, b) supporting community monitoring of outreach government services, and c) facilitating dialogue with government providers and authorities with report cards based on community monitoring of maternal health.

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