Sustainability Analysis of HIV/AIDS Services: HAPSAT Guyana

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Itamar Katz, Danielle Altman, John Osika, Bendita Latchman, Nicholas Persaud, Shanti Singh
Published: July 2011

Resource Description:

Guyana’s success in reducing HIV prevalence, coupled with the global decline in HIV/AIDS funding, necessitates an examination of the financial sustainability of Guyana’s AIDS program. The aim of this document is to provide Guyana’s National AIDS Program Secretariat (NAPS) with an analysis of the unit costs and financial and human resources available and needed to sustain Guyana’s HIV/AIDS program through 2015. The report focuses on activities that a broad group of stakeholders involved in Guyana’s HIV/AIDS program identified as being critical to the sustainability of the program.

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