Mutual Benefit, Shared Risk in India: Annapurna Pariwar’s Community-owned Health Mutual Insurance Program

Resource Type: Brief
Authors: Annapurna Pariwar
Published: March 2017

Resource Description: The HFG project is supporting the scale-up of health mutual schemes in India with the aim of expanding financial protection and access to health care. As part of its groundwork, HFG developed a case study on the health mutual run by Annapurna Pariwar, a development organization and micro-finance institution operating in the cities of Pune and Mumbai in Maharashtra state. Launched in 2003, and now more than a decade old, the insurance scheme serves as an interesting case to examine the design and implementation of a health mutual in the Indian context.

This brief summarizes the main findings of the case study, looking closely at Annapurna Pariwar’s health mutual’s strategies and experiences. The scheme strives to provide financial protection and health care access for its members while maintaining sustainability of the scheme.



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