Lesotho PHC Revitalization: Services Availability and Readiness Assessment Integrated Supervision Report

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Lesotho Ministry of Health
Published: 07/2014

Resource Description: 

Lesotho pubA year and half in office, with a visibly ailing health system, the new leadership of the MOH took a decision to revisit the role of primary health care (PHC) as an approach to revitalize and improve provision of health services. The decision on what aspects of PHC the MOH would address required empirical evidence on the current status of the health system. To inform this process, the MOH determined to undertake a health services assessment across different sections of the primary health care system in Lesotho. The Assessment would build on previous work including the Lesotho Health Systems Assessment HSA (2010); but with a distinct focus on exploring service availability and readiness at the local health facility/centre levels. The goal was to understand the contributions and constraints within the primary health care system as a whole.

The assessment approach and methodology were developed and agreed upon based on the understanding of the multiple dimensions of a health system. This assessment focused on exploring issues required to improve service availability and readiness at the primary health care level. As such the main findings of this assessment are presented with a focus on the service availability; resources and infrastructure that support quality services delivery. The report presents key findings, general observations and makes recommendations for consideration by the MOH.



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