Kenya NHA 2009/10 – Reproductive Health Subaccount Brochure

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Authors: Health Systems 20/20
Published: 1/4/2012

Kenya NHA 2009/10 - Reproductive Health Subaccount BrochureResource Description:

Although substantial progress has been made, maternal mortality in Kenya remains unacceptably high (488/100,000). While family planning knowledge is almost universal among women of reproductive age, contraceptive prevalence rate for modern methods is still low, at 46%. Nationally, the proportion of children born at home has not changed since 1994, remaining at over 50%.

In order to address these challenges, the Ministries of Health developed the national Reproductive Health Policy in 2007, while at the same time including reproductive health interventions as part of the Kenya essential package for health. The second estimation for total health expenditures for reproductive health provides timely data to inform continued policy development.

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