Health Accounts Peer-Learning Workshop: Summary of Key Themes and Discussions

Resource Type: Brief
Authors: The Health Finance and Governance Project, the World Health Organization, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Published: February 2017

Resource Description: 

In November 2016, over 60 government technicians, policymakers and technical advisors from 47 countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe participated in the first global Health Accounts Peer-Learning Workshop. During this workshop, participants shared their experiences and ideas on how to improve Health Accounts production and increase the uptake of Health Accounts results for policy.

The aim of the workshop was to bring together Health Accounts practitioners from countries to share strategies to overcome challenges when producing and using Health Accounts. It also sought to provide an environment for practitioners to build relationships and long-lasting networks so participants could continue to learn from each other after the workshop.

As a result, participants would have a better sense of tried-and-tested solutions to the challenges they face when producing and using Health Accounts. The workshop was also an opportunity to use feedback from countries and Health Accounts experts to inform WHO’s global health resource tracking strategy. A vast spectrum of ideas and country experiences were shared during the week. What follows is a summary of the most common challenges and solutions that the participants shared and analyzed during the week’s discussions.



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