Ethiopia Health Accounts, 2013/14

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Health
Published: August 2017

Resource Description:
The objective of this sixth round of HA is to generate up-to-date empirical evidence on health care spending in order to inform formulation and development of health financing policy, including gauging financing performance of HSDP-IV and a baseline for the HSTP.
The specific objectives were:

  • To generate evidence on the relation between health sector priorities and spending on health care by level and types of health care services.
  • To quantify the resource spent on health and to determine the contribution of each stakeholder in financing health care.
  • To generate evidence on financing sources and levels for selected areas, diseases, and health service needy groups through the generation of expenditures by disease category and programs.
  • To produce health expenditure data that will be internationally comparable and useful for global comparison
  • To understand the magnitude and role of health expenditures in a broader macroeconomic context, and
  • To make conclusion and draw policy implications arising from the overall analysis
    This report highlights major policy implications of the findings.


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