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Maximizing Human Capital by Aligning Investments in Health and Education

Resource Type: Technical Brief Authors: Linda Schultz, Laura Appleby, Lesley Drake Published: September 2018 Resource Description: This paper identifies five key messages: The scale of the contribution of human capital to national economic growth and stability has been significantly under-recognized; Effective human capital development requires synergistic investment in health and education across the life course; There are critical failures in […]

Developing a Framework for Setting Health Service Tariffs in Botswana: Final Report

Resource Type: Technical Brief Authors: Jose Carlos Gutierrez and Ric Marshall Published: September 2018 Resource Description: An important step in transitioning from passive purchasing to strategic purchasing is creating explicit purchasing mechanisms; this requires defined units of service that can be assigned a cost and value. As a continuation of the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project and […]

Lessons Learned for Strengthening Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV Programs

Resource Type: Report Authors: Chris Cintron, Allyson Fernandez Knott, Victor Mudhune Published: September 2018 Resource Description: Early infant diagnosis (EID) testing of HIV-exposed infants is an essential step to initiating lifesaving treatment for HIV-positive infants and preventing mother-to-child transmission for HIV-negative infants. Whether infected in utero, at birth, or in the months thereafter via breastfeeding, infants who […]

Modeling Impact of the Health Finance & Governance Project

Over its six-year life (2012-2018), the project worked with more than 40 partner countries to increase their domestic resources for health, manage resources more effectively, and reduce system bottlenecks in order to increase access to and use of priority health services and strengthen health systems overall. HFG provided state-of-the-art and country-specific technical assistance to remove […]

South Africa HIV and TB Expenditure Review (2014/15 – 2016/17)

Resource Type: Expenditure Review Authors: Guthrie T, Chaitkin M, Khoza N, Zulu N, Madisha V, Ndlovu N, Shezi S, Karume J, Motsoeneng P, Simelane S, Meyer-Rath G, Masuku S, Jamieson L, and Ghai K. Published: August 2018 Resource Description: The South African Government (SAG) and its development partners have mounted a formidable response to the world’s largest HIV epidemic […]

Strategic Purchasing of Health Care Services in Botswana

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Tihomir Strizrep Published:  August 2018 Resource Description: This report provides a set of recommendations to the Government of Botswana for establishing a roadmap for the implementation of primary health care (PHC) financing reform and to support efforts aimed at achieving effective and sustainable universal health coverage in Botswana.

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HFG Final Report

The Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project worked to address some of the greatest challenges facing health systems today. Countries need strong health systems that are well managed and sustainably financed if they are to increase and maintain the use of life-saving health services, especially by women and children, and by poor and/or rural populations. […]

Fiscal Space and Financing for National Health Insurance in Botswana

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project Published: September 2018 Resource Description: This brief summarizes the main findings and policy implications of a Fiscal Space Analysis conducted by HFG (Jefferis 2018). The purpose of the analysis is to contribute to the policy dialogue concerning NHI in Botswana by estimating the potential revenue […]

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