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National Health Accounts: Participant Manual

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Susna De, Manjiri Bhawalkar, and Marie Tien Published: 6/1/2004 Resource Description: With health systems growing in scope and complexity, policymakers need tools such as National Health Accounts (NHA) to manage their health care resources. To date, more than 68 countries worldwide have implemented the methodology and numerous others are about to follow suit. While […]

PHR Plus Overview

Resource Type: Report Authors: Partners for Health Reformplus Published: 1/1/2000 Resource Description: Partners for Health Reformplus was USAID’s flagship project for health policy and health system strengthening in developing and transitional countries. The five-year project (2000-2005) built on the predecessor Partnerships for Health Reform Project, continuing PHR’s focus on health policy, financing, and organization, with new emphasis […]

Characteristics and Structure of the Private Hospital Sector in Urban India: A Study of Madras City

Resource Type: Report Authors: V. R. Muraleedharan Published: 3/1/1999 Resource Description: This paper examines India’s private hospital sector, focusing on urban hospitals. Data collected for the study from a sample of hospitals in Madras City was used to analyze the size, infrastructure, and distribution of private hospitals, the range and pricing of services offered, and the various payment schemes for private […]

The Impact of Health Sector Reform on Public Sector Health Worker Motivation in Zimbabwe

Resource Type: Report Authors: Dorothy Mutizwa-Mangiza Published: 11/1/1998 Resource Description: During the past decade the economic situation in Zimbabwe has deteriorated significantly. Public sector health care workers have gone from being high status and relatively well paid members of the community to workers struggling to get a living wage from their jobs. This paper describes the specific policy measures that the […]

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