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Knowledge & Learning Briefs

The Advances in Health Finance & Governance Knowledge & Learning Brief Series is designed to highlight learning and lessons from the HFG project in nine core areas: domestic resource mobilization, strategic health purchasing, health financing strategies, expanding coverage through health insurance, financial data for decision making, governance, institutional capacity building, workforce and efficiency, and building understanding for universal health coverage. Learn More.

Event Webcast

The Health Finance and Governance Project launched Advances in Finance and Governance, an end-of project event series to reflect on the issues surrounding health system strengthening, share project achievements and lessons learned in practice and discuss strategies for continued progress. This series included four in-person learning events on the following topics:


The “Advancing Health Systems in low- and middle-income countries” podcast mini-series will explore topics in health finance and governance, and delve into how and why these areas are important in expanding access to healthcare in low- and middle-income countries. Listen Today!

Learning Lab Tools

Health Systems Assessment Approach Manual 
More than 30 low- and middle-income countries have used USAID’s Health System Assessment Approach manual to assess health systems performance and facilitate evidence-based decision-making by policymakers and planners. Come see how HFG is transforming the tool from a paper-based product to a more user-friendly, interactive guide for stakeholders.

Health Systems Benchmarking Tool 
The Health Systems Benchmarking Tool is a dynamic and interactive tool for comparing low-, middle-, and upper-middle-income countries on health system functions, outcomes, and impact using internationally standardized indicators. Come see how this Excel-based tool can be used by donors and health policymakers to understand health systems strengths and weaknesses and prioritize areas for improvement.

Costs of HIV Viral Load and Early Infant Diagnosis: Forecasting Tool and Manual
This Excel-based tool can be used to estimate the costs and human-resource implications of scaling up HIV viral load monitoring and viral load testing for early infant diagnosis. Come get a demo and see how users can choose between different testing platforms, target populations, and supporting practices to estimate the costs and outcomes of scaling up different approaches.

Measuring the Impact on Lives Saved
The HFG project is employing the powerful Spectrum modeling suite to estimate the health impact of health finance and governance activities across various countries. Come learn how the Spectrum models work, and explore some initial results and findings.

Health System Technical Efficiency Guide
This interactive web-based guide helps stakeholders look across the health system and prioritize areas of technical inefficiency that are likely to produce the greatest efficiency gains. Come get a hands-on demonstration and see firsthand how stakeholders will use the guide to assess technical efficiency in their countries.

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