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Community health workers in Malawi

Community health workers in Malawi (Patrick Njawala / Photoshare)


HFG has promoted the use of digital financial services (DFS) in health for the past five years. This brief synthesizes insights from HFG’s activities, looking at DFS benefits to health systems, why the health sector appears to be lagging behind in DFS uptake, and what factors might accelerate DFS integration moving forwards.


  • Mobile Money for Health Case Study Compendium – October 2015
    This compendium profiles 14 mobile money programs and seeks to expand the knowledge base on mobile money in the health sector by drawing out trends from existing programs and examining what’s worked, what hasn’t, and why, while documenting recommendations and insights from past and current practitioners for future adaptation.
  • HFG Mobile Money White Paper – November 2013
    This paper reviews current use cases and potential applications of mobile money in health and includes three short case studies on some of the most documented examples of mobile money and health – MicroEnsure, D-tree International, and Marie Stopes International.
  • HFG Brief – Mobile Money Defined – June 2013 
    What is mobile money, and how does it work? This two-page brief provides an overview of mobile, its global reach and the potential benefits it can bring to the health sector.


Blogs and online features

  • On Mobile Money: The Issue of Interoperability -April 2014
    Blog authored by Abeba Taddese explains why interoperability is relevant for mobile money programs in the health sector. Features interview with Gerald Begusima, from Yo Uganda Limited.

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