Webinar: Defining Institutional Arrangements when Linking Financing to Quality in Health Care

As countries work towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC), maintaining and improving quality of care remains a major priority. Payers are key actors in health governance structures and have powerful tools at their disposal to influence quality. Strengthening the roles and clarifying the responsibilities of the payer(s) and improving their collaboration with other quality stakeholders is critical to maximizing this role.

On Wednesday, September 19th at 9:00 am EST, HFG hosted a webinar to discuss lessons learned on how and why countries should link health financing to quality and emerging best practices on steps countries are taking to improve institutional arrangements that strengthen these links.

Panelists –

  • Dr. Shams SyedQuality Systems and Resilience Unit Coordinator, World Health Organization
  • Dr. Adam KoonHealth Policy Specialist, Health Finance and Governance project
  • Irina GubanHealth Specialist, World Bank, Moldova

Moderator –

  • Altea CicoHealth Financing Specialist, Health Finance and Governance project

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