The Efficiency of the El Salvador HIV Program Mission Support

Resource Type: Brief
Authors: Daniel Aran
Published: September 2018

Resource Description: This is a survey carried out under El Salvador’s National STI/HIV/AIDS Program as an exploratory mission to search for inefficiencies that may require support. The first finding was that many analyses of the program were already in existence, including previous reports with suggestions for modifications. That led us to introduce a minor variant to the original objective and include a search for opportunities to develop concrete proposals for action. The purpose of the survey was to gain an understanding of program operations with a focus on where an intervention could make the use of resources more efficient. The report will present a quick account of the facts to establish a foundation for viable proposals to improve program execution. These recommendations recognize the possibility of diminishing donor financing for El Salvador in the coming years and the need for organizations to become more financially sustainable. This report also highlights that identifying opportunities to improve operational and cost efficiencies is a high priority for El Salvador’s STI/HIV/AIDS Program and its partners.


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