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Health Insurance Handbook: How to Make it Work

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Hong Wang, Kimberly Switlick, Christine Ortiz, Catherine Connor, and Beatriz Zurita Published: 6/1/2010 Resource Description: The Health Insurance Handbook provides policymakers and health insurance designers with practical, action-oriented support to deepen their understanding of health insurance concepts, help them identify design and implementation challenges, and define realistic steps for the development and scaling up […]

Management Accounting Systems for Hospitals (MASH) Manual

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Partners for Health Reformplus Published: 10/1/2004 Resource Description: This manual introduces the Management Accounting System for Hospitals (MASH). MASH is a framework used for tracking and analyzing a health facility’s services, resources, and costs. It provides the means for both routine management control and the initiation and management of change and is a useful tool for examining […]

National Health Accounts: Participant Manual

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Susna De, Manjiri Bhawalkar, and Marie Tien Published: 6/1/2004 Resource Description: With health systems growing in scope and complexity, policymakers need tools such as National Health Accounts (NHA) to manage their health care resources. To date, more than 68 countries worldwide have implemented the methodology and numerous others are about to follow suit. While […]

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