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Indicators for Monitoring Health Systems Strengthening Programs

The US government through USAID and other agencies supports health systems strengthening efforts  to expand coverage and use of priority health services and to improve health outcomes worldwide. While there are generally accepted measures of health systems performance, there is not a single readily-available resource of health systems strengthening (HSS) indicators measured at the program […]

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Monitoring and Evaluating the Transition of Health Programs: New Guide Released

Transition can be defined as the transfer of financial, leadership and programmatic responsibilities for a health program from a donor to a recipient, according to a pre-defined plan. The current importance of transition is framed by an increased focus on sustainability and country capacity to lead and manage programs as program priorities change, and external […]

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Improving Health Data Quality in India’s Haryana and Punjab States

In India, progress on key health targets for maternal and child mortality has been slow. The 2015 United Nations Millennium Development Goals Report found that “poor data quality, lack of timely data and unavailability of disaggregated data” is a key challenge to India’s development policymaking. The national and state-level governments recognize the need for strengthening […]

Monitoring and Evaluating the Transition of Large-Scale Programs in Global Health

This article was originally published in the December 1, 2015 issue (vol. 3 no. 4) of Global Health: Science and Practice. Monitoring and evaluating large-scale global health program transitions can strengthen accountability, facilitate stakeholder engagement, and promote learning about the transition process and how best to manage it. We propose a conceptual framework with 4 […]

Monitoring Health Systems Strengthening Programs: Compendium of Indicators

The need for a readily-available resource of HSS indicators, measured at the program level and covering the spectrum of HSS interventions, prompted the development of this compendium. The compendium provides a wide-ranging menu of indicators to be used by USAID, implementing partners, and other organizations when preparing monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plans for HSS programs.

Monitoring and Evaluating Progress towards Universal Health Coverage in Ethiopia

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors: Abebe Alebachew, Laurel Hatt, Matthew Kukla Published: September 2014 Resource Description: PLOS Medicine’s newly released Monitoring Universal Health Coverage Collection features an HFG country case study on the availability of globally proposed universal health coverage (UHC) indicators in Ethiopia. The study, “Monitoring and Evaluating Progress Towards Universal Health Coverage in Ethiopia,” explored 61 proposed indicators and […]

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