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Advances in Health Finance & Governance: Knowledge and Learning Briefs

  The Advances in Health Finance & Governance Knowledge & Learning Brief Series is designed to highlight learning and lessons from the HFG project in nine core areas: domestic resource mobilization, strategic health purchasing, health financing strategies, expanding coverage through health insurance, financial data for decision making, governance, institutional capacity building, workforce and efficiency, and building […]

Barreras y motivaciones para la afiliación al Seguro Familiar de Salud de personas que viven con VIH en la República Dominicana

Resource Type: Report Authors: Julio Canario, Thyria Álvarez, Jonathan Cali, Nassim Díaz Published: May 2018 Resource Description: This report describes the findings and recommendations of the qualitative study on the barriers and motivations to enrolling people living with HIV/AIDS in the Family Health Insurance plan in the Dominican Republic. The study was conducted with the […]

Emerging Lessons from the Development of National Health Financing Strategies in Eight Developing Countries

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors:  Jonathan Cali, Marty Makinen,  Yann Derriennic Published: February 9,  2018 Resource Description: As countries advance economically, they are increasingly under pressure to mobilize and properly manage domestic resources to provide affordable health care for their citizens. The World Health Organization and international donors have encouraged countries to develop a health financing strategy (HFS) […]

Alternativas para la sostenibilidad de la respuesta al VIH y SIDA en la República Dominicana

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Jonathan Cali, Claudia Valdez, and Nassim Díaz Published: February 2018 Resource Description: Las propuestas presentadas aquí son recomendaciones acordadas por la Mesa de Sostenibilidad, y en su mayoría no han sido consideradas o adoptadas como política oficial por las autoridades relevantes. Además, éstas no representan todas las posibles intervenciones para aumentar […]

Alternative approaches for sustaining the HIV and AIDS response in Dominican Republic

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Jonathan Cali, Claudia Valdez, and Nassim Díaz Published: February 2018 Resource Description: The purpose of this report is to capture and consolidate the suggestions of the Sustainability Group for consideration by the Government of Dominican Republic (GODR) and other relevant stakeholders. GODR will be able to draw from this report when […]

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Developing & Implementing Health Financing Strategies

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Marty Makinen, Jonathan Cali and Yann Derriennic Published: March 2018 Resource Description: Low- and middle-income countries are developing health financing strategies to map out how they will pay for universal health coverage. This brief discusses three activities that are valuable for producing sound strategies: convening multi-sectoral committees to oversee the strategy […]

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