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Integrating Financing of Vertical Health Programs: Lessons from Kyrgyzstan and the Philippines

Resource Type: Publication Authors: Health Finance and Governance Project Published: September 2018 Resource Description: For better or worse, many low- and middle- income countries inherited vertical programs in which programming, financing, governance, and service delivery are all organized around an individual disease.  Governments must now decide whether a new government-managed financing scheme such as national or social health […]

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Advances in Health Finance & Governance: Knowledge and Learning Briefs

  The Advances in Health Finance & Governance Knowledge & Learning Brief Series is designed to highlight learning and lessons from the HFG project in nine core areas: domestic resource mobilization, strategic health purchasing, health financing strategies, expanding coverage through health insurance, financial data for decision making, governance, institutional capacity building, workforce and efficiency, and building […]

How Do Countries Use Resource Tracking Data to Inform Policy Change: Shining Light into the Black Box

Resource Type: Journal Article Authors:  Karishmah Bhuwanee, Heather Cogswell & Tesfaye Ashagari Published: February 21, 2017 Resource Description: Resource tracking exercises produce data that can be used to inform decisions about health policy issues such as mobilizing resources, pooling resources to minimize risk, and allocating resources for health. However, the factors that help countries evolve from merely producing […]

How to get Policy Makers to Actually use all the Data you Produce

By Heather Cogswell, associate scientist and resource tracking specialist in the International Development Division at Abt Associates, member of the HSG Translating Evidence into Action TWG May 31, 2018 – Perhaps you can relate to this experience. While sitting in a ministry of health’s reception area waiting for a meeting with the chief economist, I couldn’t help but […]

Beyond Production: Using Health Financing Information to Inform Decisions that Improve Health Systems

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Karishmah Bhuwanee, Stephen Musau and Heather Cogswell Published: April 2018 Resource Description: Health financing information, such as information on a country’s health spending, health costs, and efficiency, is vital to making informed decisions about national health systems. Yet, while good-quality information is available to many ministries of health, there is great variability among […]

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