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Community Health Financing: Lessons from Ethiopia

Resource Type: Presentation Authors: Hailu Zelelew Published: March 2017 Resource Description: Presentation during the Institutionalizing Community Health Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, on March 28th, 2017.  This presentation gives an overview of Community-based Health Insurance (CBHI) in Ethiopia and recent evaluations, achievements, challenges, and scale-up updates of the pilot schemes.

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Webinar | Expanding Health Coverage for Informal Workers in LMICs

USAID’s Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project hosted an hour-long webinar on Wednesday, April 5th, on expanding health coverage to informal workers. The webinar presented recent work on efforts to expand health coverage for informal workers in LMICs. In the webinar, the International Labor Organization’s Dr. Xenia Scheil-Adlung (Senior Health Policy Coordinator, Social Protection Department), Oxfam’s […]

HSFR/HFG Project Activities and Results Summary: August 2013 through December 2017

The USAID-funded Health Sector Financing Reform/Health Finance and Governance project (HSFR/HFG) has been the lead partner supporting the Government of Ethiopia to roll out and implement its wide range of health care financing (HCF) reforms at the national, regional, woreda (district), and health facility levels.

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Ghana’s Efforts to Reform its Health System and Provide Quality, Affordable Care to All

In 2003, the Ghanaian government launched one of the most ambitious plans to achieve universal health coverage—the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). Since that time, more than 11 million people have enrolled—about 41 percent of the population. However, the NHIS has experienced challenges. To address these issues, the government created a technical committee to review […]

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Striving for UHC: Nigeria’s Cross River State Passes Health Insurance Bill

Cross River State (CRS) is taking giant strides towards achieving universal health coverage (UHC) and its vision “to be a leading Nigerian state with prosperous and healthy citizens”. In September 2016, the state unanimously passed the anticipated State Health Insurance Scheme (SHIS) Bill. Mandatory for all CRS residents, the CRS SHIS Bill creates the provision […]

Indonesia Workshop Promotes Engagement in UHC Dialogue

The Government of Indonesia (GoI) aims to cover 100 percent of the country’s 250 million citizens under Jaminan Kesehatan Nasional (JKN), the national health insurance scheme, by 2019. USAID/Indonesia is committed to supporting the GoI as it works towards its ambitious goal of universal health coverage (UHC). Recognizing the importance of ensuring that its staff […]

Health Outcomes: What Does the Evidence Tell us about the Impact of Health Systems Strengthening?

Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University, 2016. USAID’s Office of Health Systems and the HFG Project recently launched the Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health report, which for the first time presents a significant body of peer-reviewed evidence linking health systems strengthening interventions to measurable impacts on health outcomes. The report identifies 13 types […]

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Webinar | The Role of Health Insurance in UHC: Learning from Ghana and Ethiopia

On Wednesday, March 2nd, the HFG project hosted a webinar featuring technical experts: Hailu Zelelew (Senior Associate/Health Economist, HFG Project), Chris Lovelace (Senior Health Governance Expert, HFG Project), and Jeanna Holtz (Health Insurance Specialist, HFG Project). USAID’s Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project works with partners around the world to support their progress towards universal health […]

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