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Webinar | Making Numbers Count: Choosing the right methodology to estimate health expenditure

Need to track how much a country spends on health but unsure which methodology best meets the country’s needs? During this webinar on health resource tracking, experts from across the globe discuss similarities and differences of various resource tracking methodologies and the factors to consider when selecting a methodology. Panelists: Thomas Mbeeli, Deputy Director of […]

Understanding Health Accounts: A Primer for Policymakers

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Heather Cogswell and Tesfaye Dereje Published: 1/31/2015 Resource Description: As a country’s economy and population grows, so will its spending on health. Policymakers can affect public and private health spending to improve efficiency, quality, equity, and ultimately save lives. To succeed, however, governments should have the evidence around the health financing landscape. Health Accounts […]

Where Are Our Budgets? Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys as Tools for Engaging with Civil Society

Ensuring the funds allocated for health services and supplies are actually used for their intended purpose is key to increasing access to life-saving health care in low- and medium-income countries. For nearly two decades, countries and international organizations have used Public Expenditure Tracking Surveys (PETS) as an important tool to strengthen the governance of health […]

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