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Clincs in Addis

Linkages Between the Essential Health Services Package and Government-Sponsored Health Benefit Plans in Ethiopia

This case study is part of the Essential Health Services Country Snapshot Series. Resource Type: Case Study Authors: Adam Koon, Jenna Wright Published: June 2017 Resource Description: Priority setting is a key function of health systems that seek to achieve universal health coverage. The Essential Health Services Package (EHSP) explicitly prioritizes certain services; government-sponsored health benefit plans […]

Essential Packages of Health Services in 24 Countries: Findings from a Cross-Country Analysis

Resource Type: Report Authors: Jenna Wright, Jeanna Holtz Published: June 2017 Resource Description: Every country has finite resources for providing health care to its citizens. Policymakers are faced with a need to determine where to target limited resources. Explicitly prioritizing certain health care services and technologies can enable low- and middle-income countries to reach key development and public health goals […]

Essential Health Services: Ethiopia

The government of Ethiopia published its “Essential Health Services Package for Ethiopia” in 2005 (Federal Ministry of Health 2005). This package was published with the intention to have public sector facilities provide a minimum standard of care that fosters an integrated service delivery approach

Essential Health Services: India

The series of documents that best fits the definition of the EPHS in India is the Indian Public Health Standards (2012) series, plus Annexure II of the Guidelines for Community Processes (2013), which lists the services provided by community health workers referred to as accredited social health activists (ASHAs).

Essential Health Services: Pakistan

At this time there does not appear to be a national-level EPHS in Pakistan. The best approximation for Pakistan’s EPHS is the provincial government of Punjab’s Essential Package of Health Services for Primary Health Care in Punjab (2013). Following the implementation of a constitutional amendment, the central government Ministry of Health was dissolved in June […]

Essential Health Services: Rwanda

In 2011 the Ministry of Health in Rwanda reviewed and updated the health services packages provided by the different tiered facilities in the health sector. The Service Package for Health Facilities at Different Levels of Service Delivery document specifies what services should be provided at each health facility level, and the inputs required to implement […]

Essential Health Services: Senegal

We identified Senegal’s essential package of health services across several policy documents, including the Liste Nationale des Médicaments et Produits Essentiels, 2008 revision, the Expanded Program for Immunization, and the government of Senegal’s Plan National de Developpement Sanitaire 2009–2018, among other sources. In many cases government policy documents listed the essential package by covered disease/population […]

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