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Working with System of Health Accounts, 2011: Orientation, Discussion, and Next Steps

India conducted two National Health Accounts (NHA) exercises on data from 2001/02 and 2004/05. However, most health budgeting and spending in India is done by state-level government, which is why it was necessary to create state-level health accounts. The HFG project in India hosted a three-day (May 18-20, 2015) orientation on estimating HA using the […]

Options Guide: Performance-Based Incentives to Strengthen Public Health Supply Chains – Version 1

Resource Type: Report Authors: Rena Eichler, Alex Ergo, Brian Serumaga, James Rosen, Greg Miles, and Mavere Tukai Published: 8/1/2012 Resource Description: Performance-based incentives (PBIs) aim to motivate all the people and teams who together comprise a public supply chain to work hard and perform their function well. PBI is an innovative approach that explicitly links financial investment to […]

Paying for Performance in Health: Guide to Developing the Blueprint 2.0

Resource Type: Tool Authors: Rena Eichler and Susna De Published: 4/1/2011 Resource Description: Pay for performance (P4P) is an innovative approach that explicitly links financial investment in health to health results. While the P4P concept seems relatively straightforward, the mechanics of its implementation need to be planned very carefully to elicit the desired behavior change in a given […]

Performance-Based Incentives: Ensuring Voluntarism in Family Planning Initiatives

Resource Type: Report Authors: Rena Eichler, Barbara Seligman, Alix Beith, and Jenna Wright Published: 9/13/2010 Resource Description: The trend to implement Performance-based Incentives (PBI) in low- and middle-income countries to strengthen health systems, accelerate service utilization, and enhance quality of health interventions presents an opportunity as well as a challenge for voluntary family planning (FP) service delivery and […]

Using Supply-side Pay for Performance to Strengthen Health Prevention Activities and Improve Efficiency: The Case of Belize

Resource Type: Case Study Authors: Michelle Vanzie, Natasha Hsi, Alix Beith, and Rena Eichler Published: 7/23/2010 Resource Description: Supply-side pay for performance (P4P) in Belize consists of monthly capitation payments, discounted based on achievement of monthly performance indicators by contracted public and private primary health care clinics, plus annual performance awards to the clinics. The goal of the […]

Pay for Performance: Improving Maternal Health Services in Pakistan

Resource Type: Case Study Authors: Hamid Bashir, Sarfaraz Kazmi, Rena Eichler, Alix Beith, and Ellie Brown Published: 6/14/2010 Resource Description: Pay for performance (P4P) in Pakistan consists of supply-side payments to providers and demand-side vouchers that subsidize the costs of a package of reproductive health care services and transportation for poor women. The aim is to reduce maternal […]

Pay for Performance in Tanzania

Resource Type: Case Study Authors: Lindsay Morgan and Rena Eichler Published: 9/1/2009 Resource Description: Pay for performance (P4P) is being implemented in the United Republic of Tanzania with the goal of improving maternal and child health outcomes; strengthening information systems and the use of information for management decisions; and motivating health care providers. After discussions between the government […]

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