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Strengthening of Guinea Health sector Post-Ebola: A Revised Document to Guide Health Research Priorities

Resource Type: Brief Authors: Federal Ministry of Health of Guinea Published: August 2017 Resource Description: In the post-Ebola era, nations must be able to conduct research rapidly to inform critical policy initiatives. Guinea, one of the countries hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic, took a major step in that direction with the validation of the revised National […]

Stronger Health Governance to Tackle Emerging Health Emergencies

The lack of trust between communities and health systems has been cited by the World Health Organization as a significant factor in fueling West Africa’s Ebola epidemic. Many communities did not follow officially recommended practices—such as safe funeral and burial rites. Others did not cooperate with contact tracing ‒ identifying people who may have been […]

Preparing for Future Shocks: Building Resilient Health Systems

Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University, 2016. After the recent Ebola outbreak, global health experts have turned to resilience frameworks used by other fields such as agriculture and engineering to understand how to build health systems that can withstand shocks, including infectious disease outbreaks, natural disasters, and political conflict. Speakers first briefly outlined each of […]

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