Scaling up malaria intervention “packages” in Senegal: Using cost effectiveness data for improving allocative efficiency and programmatic decision-making

Resource Type: Journal Article
Authors:  Sophie Faye, Altea Cico, Alioune Badara Gueye, Elaine Baruwa, Benjamin Johns, Médoune Ndiop, and Martin Alilio
Published: April 10, 2018

Resource Description: Senegal’s National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) implements control interventions in the form of targeted packages: (1) scale-up for impact (SUFI), which includes bed nets, intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy, rapid diagnostic tests, and artemisinin combination therapy; (2) SUFI+reactive case investigation (focal test and treat); (3) SUFI+indoor residual spraying (IRS); (4) SUFI+seasonal malaria chemoprophylaxis (SMC); and, (5) SUFI+SMC+IRS. This study estimates the cost-effectiveness of each of these packages to provide the NMCP with data for improving allocative efficiency and programmatic decision-making. [Original Link]



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