A retrospective review of the Honduras AIN-C program guided by a community health worker performance logic model

Resource Type: Journal Article
honduras paperAuthors: Daniela Rodriguez and Lauren Peterson
Published: May 2016

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This article was originally published in the May 2016 issue of Human Resources for Health.

Factors that influence performance of community health workers (CHWs) delivering health services are not well understood. A recent logic model proposed categories of support from both health sector and communities influence CHW performance and program outcomes. This logic model has been used to review a growth monitoring program delivered by CHWs in Honduras, known as Atención Integral a la Niñez en la Comunidad (AIN-C). A retrospective review of AIN-C was conducted through a document desk review and supplemented with in-depth interviews. Documents were systematically coded using the categories from the logic model, and gaps were addressed through interviews. Authors reviewed coded data for each category to analyze program details and outcomes as well as identify potential issues and gaps in the logic model.



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