Regulation of Private Primary Health Care

Strong primary health care (PHC) is vital to achieving universal health care (UHC). As countries work toward UHC, they recognize that the public sector alone cannot provide all necessary comprehensive PHC services to cover country populations and that countries need to engage and effectively steward both the public and private health sectors. A critical element of health system stewardship is an effective regulatory system, which includes protections and incentives to promote access to quality care. But despite recognizing the importance of effective regulation, few low- and middle-income countries are successfully regulating private PHC.

HFG has provided technical facilitation for the Joint Learning Network’s (JLN) Private Sector Engagement Collaborative in order to share experiences and knowledge and compile practical advice to support effective stewardship of the private sector. The collaborative helped produce a number of resources to fill gaps in evidence and provide guidance in this area.

Please visit JLN’s website to access the following resources:

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