How Can Health Accounts Inform Health Sector Investments? Lessons from Country Applications

Resource Type: Presentation
Authors: Karishmah Bhuwanee, Heather Cogswell, Tesfaye Ashagari
Published: June 29, 2016

Resource Description: On June 29, 2016, the HFG project hosted a webinar on the topic of resource tracking, featuring technical experts Karishmah Bhuwanee, Heather Cogswell, and Tesfaye Ashagari.

Countries must have a firm grasp on their health financing landscape in order to ensure sufficient and effective use of resources. Health Accounts—an internationally standardized methodology that allows a country to understand the source, magnitude, and flow of funds through its health sector—provide a wealth of information on past spending. When combined with macroeconomic, health utilization, and health indicator data, Health Accounts provide powerful insights for health financing policy.

HFG supports countries to institutionalize their Health Accounts so that they are produced regularly and efficiently, and are a useful tool for policymakers. In this technical briefing, HFG expert used country examples to demonstrate how Health Accounts have been (and can be) used to inform national health financing decisions.

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