Pay-for-Performance in Brazil: UNIMED-Belo Horizonte Physician Cooperation

first page: Pay-for-performance in Brazil: UNIMED-Belo Horizonte Physician CooperationResource Type: Case Study
Authors: Paulo Borem, Estevão Alves Valle, Monica Silva Monteiro De Castro, Ronaldo Kenzou Fujii, Ana Luiza de Oliveira Farias, Fabio Leite Gastal, and Catherine Connor
Published: 5/24/2010

Resource Description:

This case study presents the initial results of the pay-for-performance (P4P) experience of UNIMED-Belo Horizonte (UBH), a private, nonprofit organization in Brazil. UBH is both a health insurance company and a medical cooperative operating in a highly competitive market. UBH is implementing two P4P programs: paying contracted hospitals to pursue and eventually achieve accreditation, and paying physicians to follow disease management protocols for selected conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and childhood asthma. This case study provides an example of private sector P4P to improve service quality and efficiency.

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