Nigeria TB Supportive Supervision Pilot Evaluation

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Elizabeth Ohadi, Leah Ekbladh, Anthony Okwuosah, Alison Comfort, and Alexandra Hulme
Published: 9/28/2012

cover page of Nigeria TB Supportive Supervision Pilot EvaluationResource Description:

According to the WHO, Nigeria ranks 13th out of the top 22 high burden Tuberculosis (TB) countries in the world, and there is a need to improve the TB-DOTS and TB-HIV services in Nigeria’s public sector facilities. Weak supportive supervision at health facilities has been linked to limited program performance and treatment outcomes.

In March 2012, key stakeholders in Nigeria expressed a desire to explore new and innovative ways to strengthen supportive supervision at public sector facilities. As a result, the Health Systems 20/20 project in collaboration with the National TB and Leprosy Control Program (NTBLCP), proposed to pilot an activity strengthening supportive supervision at the facility level in Nigeria. The activity involved the implementation of a tool that aims to assist in the supervision, assessment and creation of action plans for quality improvement in facilities where TB is diagnosed and treated. The pilot was implemented from October 2010 to September 2011 in 16 facilities in 4 states.

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