Namibia 2012-13 Health Accounts Report

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Ministry of Health and Social Services, Republic of Namibia
Published: June 30, 2015

Resource Description:Namibia HA report screenshot

This report presents the findings and policy implications of Namibia’s Health Accounts estimation for the fiscal year April 2012 through March 2013 (2012/13). Earlier, Namibia completed three rounds of National Health Accounts covering the 11 years of spending between 1998/99 and 2008/09. The 2012/13 Health Accounts estimation in Namibia is the first round conducted using the SHA 2011 methodology. Health Accounts capture spending from all sources: the government, non-governmental organizations, external donors, private employers, private medical aid schemes, and households. The analysis breaks down spending into the standard classifications defined by the System of Health Accounts 2011 framework, namely sources of financing, financing schemes, type of provider, type of activity, and disease/ health condition.

The results of the Health Accounts 2012/13 exercise highlight the strong commitment of the government to financing the general health care of the population and the national HIV response. The commitment is commendable and should be maintained as it will be a key strength in Namibia’s efforts toward achieving universal health coverage.



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