Mexico: Governing for Quality Improvement in the Context of UHC

Resource Type: Case Studymexico-case-study
Authors: Lisa Tarantino, Kelley Laird, Amanda Ottosson, Ruben Frescas, Kedar Mate, Vivian Addo-Cobbiah, Cynthia Bannerman, Paulina Pacheco, Daniel Burssa, Andrew Likaka, Mirwais Rahimzai, M. Rashad Massoud, and Shams Syed
Published: August 2016

Resource Description: 

A pilot study was conducted in 2001 to explore the feasibility of implementing a public health insurance for those not covered by social security. In 2004, Mexico scaled-up this complementary tax-based public health insurance scheme, System of Social Protection in Health (SSPH), after a law was approved by Congress in 2003. This law was based on the Constitutional reform of every citizen’s right to health protection (est. in 1983). This national health insurance programme also called Seguro Popular, is providing access to a package of comprehensive health services with financial protection for more than 50 million Mexicans previously excluded from public, social insurance. While Mexico has made strong progress in coverage over the last decade, Mexico still experiences fragmentation and ineffective access as a result.

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