Mali Private Health Sector Assessment

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Resource Type: Publication
Authors: Sarah Castle, Bokar Touré, Françoise Armand, Yann Derriennic and Romana Haider
Published: December 2017

Resource Description: In 2017, USAID/Mali and the government of Mali requested the HFG project to conduct a Private Sector Assessment to gain an in-depth understanding of the private sector (in this case defined as for-profit service and pharmaceutical providers) to foster a dialogue between the public and private sector and to build consensus around challenges and solutions. The Private Sector Assessment looked to (1) strengthen the involvement of the private sector in governance of the current health system; (2) strengthen collaboration between the public and private sectors in the public health system; and (3) strengthen participatory, legal and financial mechanisms to strengthen the role of the private-for-profit sector in health, with a view to extending universal health coverage. The findings are focused on four technical areas: policy and governance, service delivery, medicines and supplies, and financing. The assessment identified significant opportunities for the private sector and outlined cross-cutting recommendations to strengthen collaboration between the public and private sectors, and coordination and contracting for the private sector. The report discusses the assessment methods, findings and recommendations.


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