Looking at UHC through the Lens of Essential Packages of Health Services

Resource Type: Presentation
Authors: Laurel Hatt, Jeanna Holtz, Rashad Massoud, Caroline Ly
Published: March 4, 2016

Resource Description: Presented at USAID’s Global Health Mini-University, 2016.

Join us as we take a look at USAID’s work to ensure equal access to essential packages of health services (EPHS) for all without financial hardship. Learn how partner countries are operationalizing EPHS to promote priority service provision as countries move towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC); how national and social health insurance schemes are improving financial protection and expanding coverage, especially for the poor and informal sector; and the importance of integrating quality improvement to ensure that services provided improve the health of those receiving services and overall health outcomes of the population. USAID’s Office of Health Systems will contextualize the Agency’s vision and support for UHC as part of its new Vision for Health Systems Strengthening.



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