Kenya National Health Accounts 2009/10

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Ministry of Medical Services Kenya, Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation Kenya, and Health Systems 20/20
Published: 4/1/2011

Resource Description:

Cover Page of Kenya National Health Accounts 2009/10NHA is comprised of a standard set of tables that presents various aspects of a nation’s health expenditures. It encompasses total health spending in a country including public, private, and donor expenditures. NHA carefully tracks the flow of funds from one health care actor to another, such as the distribution of funds from the Ministry of Health to each government health provider and health service.

In Kenya, total health expenditure (THE) in absolute value has increased from Ksh 82.2 billion (US$1,046 million) in 2001/02 to Ksh 122.9 billion (US$1,620 million), an increase of 49 percent THE per capita has also increased, from Ksh 2,636 ($34) in 2001/02 to Ksh 3,203 ($42) in 2009/10. THE as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product has remained nearly constant, at 5 percent since 2001/02. Government health expenditures as a percentage of total government expenditures declined from 8 percent in 2001/02 to 4.6 percent in 2009/10.

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