Introduction to Health Insurance Policy Options in Botswana: Improving Efficiency and Sustainability through Health Insurance

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Jose Carlos Gutierrez and Carlos Avila
Published: September 2016

Resource Description:

The purpose of this report is to explore how insurance reforms could improve the efficiency and sustainability of the Botswana health system, and to offer specific policy recommendations to guide the development of a national health insurance reform proposal. The report builds on the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) Project’s support to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Health Financing Technical Working Group (HFTWG), and is one output of HFG and HFTWG’s joint development of a health financing strategy. Further, the report will inform HFG’s future technical assistance, which includes more quantitative analysis related to financing an insurance system and a fuller exploration of the feasibility of insurance reform.

The report has two main sections: Part I provides an introduction to health insurance and the challenges facing Botswana’s health system, while Part II presents a framework for designing a health insurance system and outlines policy recommendations for each insurance design element in the framework.



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