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Monitoring health systems strengthening:

Compendium of indicators for projects supporting human resources for health

This module includes the indicators on human resources for health from the compendium of indicators for projects supporting health financing, human resources, and governance developed by the HFG project.

The indicators cover the following areas:

  1. Health Workforce Development
  2. Health Workforce Performance Support
  3. Health Workforce Policy, Planning, & Management

Health systems function best when they have the right number and mix of human resources—doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, managers, and many others, in well-equipped health facilities, with the right competencies and level of motivation.  The needs of the health worker, as he or she moves from secondary school, to formal health training, deployment into the workforce, and providing services, are central to human resources for health (HRH) programs.

HRH programs work at multiple levels of the public and private health and education systems to strengthen the health workforce. At the policy level, programs partner with country governments to strengthen the governance frameworks, including regulations, policies, organizational structures and behaviors, infrastructure, capital and other resources required to ensure that the health workforce is capable of providing health care efficiently, effectively, safely, and with quality for the best health outcomes.  HRH programs also work with training institutions to improve the quality of education health science students receive before entering the workforce, and with professional councils and associations to ensure practicing health workers meet the standards and regulations of the industry and continually update their skills throughout their careers. At the sub-national and health facility levels, HRH programs strengthen the capacity for oversight and performance management of health workers to ensure that they provide quality services and remain motivated.

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