HFG Indonesia Strategic Health Purchasing

Resource Type: Report
Authors: Cheryl Cashin, Yulita Hendrartini, Aaron Pervin, Chelsea Taylor, and Laurel Hatt
Published: November 2017

Description: The purpose of HFG Indonesia’s work in SHP was to support the National Council for Social Security (DJSN) establish a participatory process, supported by locally driven analytics, to assess the current institutional and regulatory foundation for strategic purchasing under JKN and propose options to improve this foundation as part of an upcoming revision of the presidential decree governing JKN implementation. The activities were implemented through a SHP Technical Working Group (TWG), which was supported by an analytical review of regulations supporting strategic purchasing in JKN completed by a researcher from the University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) and supporting capacity-building sessions for the institutions participating in the TWG.





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