Guidelines for Parliamentary Standing Committees on Oversight of Programming to Reduce Child and Maternal Mortality

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Resource Type: Report
Authors: Jeremy Kanthor, Peter Dimitroff and Elizabeth Elfman
Published: September 2017

Resource Description: This guide has three key objectives: (1) Position efforts to reduce child and maternal morality within the portfolio of a standing committee of health. Because the challenge of reducing child and maternal mortality is an issue that cuts across numerous health programs and social sectors, it is important to position the goal of ending preventable deaths within the broader mandate of a standing committee of health. There is rarely a dedicated child and maternal health budget to scrutinize, nor specific staff to question, let alone stand alone programming to reduce maternal and child mortality. This guide will build the awareness for Members and staff of standing committees on the principle causes for maternal and child deaths and how this relates to their broader health sector oversight. (2) Review possible standing committee oversight tools relevant for the oversight of health programming. Committees have a varying degree of tools at their disposal to conduct oversight over budgets and policies. This guide will review these possible tools through the lens of efforts to reduce child and maternal mortality. (3) Provide practical approaches for how standing committees can implement plans. This guide offers practical guidance for how Committee chairs, MPs, and committee staff can conduct robust and regular oversight over progress towards reducing child and maternal mortality in their countries.


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