Building Institutional Capacity for Stronger Health Systems

Without strong national institutions, health systems strengthening is likely to fail. While institutional capacity development is integral to strengthening health systems and transitioning to self-reliance, it can be difficult to deliver effectively. The experience of the Health Finance and Governance (HFG) project suggests that the key to success is focused, intentional, and tailored institutional capacity-development […]

Developing & Implementing Health Financing Strategies

Low- and middle-income countries are developing health financing strategies to map out how they will pay for universal health coverage. This brief discusses three activities that are valuable for producing sound strategies: convening multi-sectoral committees to oversee the strategy development process, exchanging health financing experiences among peer countries, and investing in routine production of health […]

Unleashing the Potential of Strategic Purchasing

If used effectively, strategic purchasing can enable a country’s health system to make the best use of available resources to serve the needs of its people and improve health outcomes, making it an attractive tool for countries working to achieve universal health coverage within financial constraints.

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