Economic Evaluation of Nationally Scaled Point-of-Care Diagnostic Platforms for Viral Load Monitoring in Kenya

Resource Type: Brief
Authors: Emily Mangone, Christopher Cintron, Ben Johns, Victor Mudhune, & Carlos Avila
Published: September 2018

Resource Description: These findings highlight the fact that while the current central laboratory viral load (VL) monitoring program functions well, innovative technologies and approaches such as point-of-care viral (POC VL) load monitoring can improve the expediency and effectiveness of viral load monitoring, resulting in better patient care, clinical outcomes, and HIV control. The Kenyan Ministry of Health and National AIDS and STI Control Programme leadership should consider piloting a POC VL monitoring approach, particularly in hard-to-reach settings and populations where transport and continuity of care do pose significant obstacles to effective VL monitoring. Pilot data could also be used to make stronger and more precise predictions and recommendations for investments in POC VL monitoring at scale.


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