Developing Haiti’s First Health Financing Strategy

Resource Type: Brief
Authors: Elaine Baruwa, Megan Meline
Published: May 2014

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Cover Page: Developing Haiti’s First Health Financing StrategyAs Haiti continues to rebuild its health system after the devastating 2010 earthquake, the Ministry of Health is addressing the dual challenge of how to mobilize sufficient funds for health care and how to efficiently manage and allocate those resources to provide quality care to the Haitian people.

The Ministry has an approved National Health Policy, known as the Politique Nationale de Santé, which addresses “what” is to be done. In addition, the Ministry is developing a National Health Plan that lays out “how” the National Health Policy will be made operational. However, the Ministry of Health does not yet have a national health financing strategy that outlines “where” resources will come from and “how” they will be used to achieve the country’s health objectives.

To bridge this important gap, the HFG project is working with the Planning and Evaluation Unit of the Ministry of Health to develop a national health financing strategy that will include an operational plan consisting of specific activities, timelines, and an overall health budget. The strategy will focus on the three core functions of health financing: mobilization of resources; pooling of risks and financial protection; and purchasing and provider payment. A strategy mapping out these core health financing functions will enable Haiti to raise the necessary resources, better protect people from the financial consequences of ill health, and make optimum use of resources to achieve the National Health Plan’s vision.

The health financing strategy will serve as a road map, particularly when it is combined with data from the second National Health Accounts, which the HFG project is also supporting, and a fully costed National Health Plan. Together, they will provide strong evidence and powerful justification for increased health financing in the future to improve Haiti’s health outcomes.



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