Burundi’s Health Accounts Data Underline Need for Health Financing Reforms

Resource Type: Success StoryBurundi HA success story
Authors: Health Finance & Governance Project
Published: 9/1/2015

Resource Description: Faced with a double burden of disease, Burundi’s government is grappling with how to address growing demand for health care. At the same time, the government is working to balance financial constraints, rising costs, and limited resources. Policymakers need access to the reliable data to make well-informed decisions to raise sufficient funds for the health sector, allocate them according to need, and manage the burden of health costs on households.

For more than a year, the Health Finance and Governance Project (HFG) has worked closely with Burundi’s Health Accounts team to build their capacity to use HA and the SHA 2011 framework. The team is housed in the Planning Unit of the Ministry of Health and Fight Against HIV/AIDS (MSPLS). As a result, MSPLS now has the expertise to produce HAs going forward with minimal external assistance.


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