Asia Public Policy Forum 2015: “The Financing and Delivery of Public Health Services in Asia”

This summer, USAID and HFG helped fund the 5th annual Asia Public Policy Forum (APPF), hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. The 2015 topic was “The Financing and Delivery of Public Health Services in Asia,” both a high priority of Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s administration, and an urgent challenge throughout Asia.

*Article from the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation*

August 12-13, 2015 Asia Public Policy ForumThe 2015 Asia Public Policy Forum (APPF) was held on August 12-13 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Over 120 participants attended the event, which helps build networks between government officials, private sector leaders, and academics working in Indonesia and neighboring ASEAN countries. Each annual APPF addresses a specific policy challenge affecting Indonesia and Asia more broadly, with the goal of improving the design, implementation, and evaluation of current public policies.

The topic of this year’s APPF was “The Financing and Delivery of Public Health Services in Asia.” The event provided scholars and practitioners with the opportunity to share their insights on improving the coverage and quality of health care, as well as ensuring the financial sustainability of public health services in the region.

Over the course of six sessions, the speakers covered a range of subjects including: (1) the financing of national health insurance; (2) the provision of public health services at the local level; (3) the provision of basic health services in rural areas; (4) health challenges related to epidemiological transitions, such as the impact of aging in depopulating countries, the effect of work on obesity, and the provision of mental health services; (5) cross-cutting issues in the financing and delivery of public health; and (6) emerging threats to global public health.

“This year’s APPF produced high-level presentations and valuable discourse on a host of issues critical to the economic and physical health of Asian countries,” said Jay Rosengard, academic director for the Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia. “We are now working with many of the speakers to publish and disseminate their work as widely as possible.”


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